True Voice Experience

Using the AVBILLING's unmatched voice quality, You will get crystal clear Voice & Response

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PIN-less Dialing

Simply dial the access number, no need to enter a lengthy PIN.

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Anti-Blocking Dialers

Yes, our dialers works in VoIP blocked area. They provide same quality & voice in these areas as they work in normal.

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PC to PC Calling
Enjoy the free PC to PC unlimited calls with AoneVoice's AVBILLING.
PC to Phone Calling
Now make calls to real phone numbers using dialer at a very low cost.
Calling Card Service
Make connected always even if you don't have a network connection using Calling Cards.
Callback Services
Callback service also helpfull in case of no network coverage.
A easy & speed dial function for international contacts. Make international call without dialing the PIN.
Get Balance announcement before every call about the total talk time available for destination calling minutes in your account.
Enabling you to skip the IVR announcements or instructions by keying in any number between 1 and 9.
Latest features
Pinless & Speed Dial
Pinless Dial for multiple lines. With Speed Dial you can call without dialing.
International Calling
Call 28 countries including India, USA, Canada, and UK for the same low rate. We connect you globally.
Free PC to PC Dialling
Using this feature you can dial free to any PC in India. Quit paying international calling charges.